Problem no. 534: Dempsey 2.0


“Kris? It’s Mass. I’m coming back to New York. School’s about to start and my boss Anna wants to be where the Vogue office is. Do you want to grab lunch?”

“I’m so happy you’re coming back! There’s so much I have to tell you. See you at 12:00?”

I hung up the phone, feeling the happiest I had felt in a long time.


I was sitting at the table I had reserved at Sant Ambroeus, waiting for Massie to come. I  knew the moment Massie walked in. The bell on the door chimed to a tune that seemed made for her and all heads turned towards her. That was the moment when you realized you had experienced the one and only, Massie Block. 

Of course Massie Block has to be followed by someone who could equally match her perfection, and that’s why Nate Archibald, my Nate Archibald walked in right behind her.

I looked up and saw Nate following Massie with puppy dog eyes.

Everything stopped for a second, because here was Massie, once again stealing a boy I liked.
She sat down smoothly, Nate following her every move. She didn’t seem to notice the sudden falter in my mood.
“Hey Kris! Hope you don’t mind I brought a date.”
“Um, hey Kristen.” He said nervously sipping his coffee while I glared at him.
She looked over and smiled at him stupidly, something Massie Block only did in the presence of her new boy candy.
“His name is-“
“Nate” I said abruptly, cutting her off. “His name is Nate and we already met.” I could hear the defensiveness in my voice.
“Hey Mass? Why don’t we go to the bathroom for a sec.”
Leaving Nate alone was the least of my problems.
Once the bathroom door sealed closed I exploded.
“What the hell Massie? Why do you think you can go around and steal everything I have!? First Dempsey and now Nate!”
“Kristen, how would I know that you two had a thing? Anyways, I let you have Dempsey in the end, but not this time. He’s mine. He’s not really your type Kuh-ris.”
Ouch, she emphasized my name like I was Claire. “What’s that suppose to mean?”
“He’s NYC Elite, and your dirty New York trash.”
“Well, may the best girl win.”
I said walking out the door, whipping my hair behind me.
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Hottie Alert at 11 O’clock


Georgina and I were laying on our newly made beds looking at our newly made ceiling. We had spent the whole day shopping and making our room look perfect. Our ceiling was painted blackwith glow in the dark stars taped everywhere.

We could now officially sleep under the stars.


We went out for cupcakes to celebrate a room well decorated, and on the way I spotted possibly the cutest boy I had every seen in my life. He was an absolute HART, and the best part? He was holding a soccer ball in one hand. Without taking my eyes off of him I leaned into Georgina and said.

“Hottie alert! 11 o’clock!”

I had to stop myself from saying “H.A.R.T alert” knowing that G wasn’t familiar with the term, Once Massie got back to New York I knew that Georgina and her would hit it off and be great friends. Maybe Georgina could even be the new Claire, without the makeover.

My peripheral vision showed me that Georgina had looked at him, and left?

I whipped my head around and found that I was alone. I continued walking, anxiously searching for Geogina, my only guide around the hustling and bustling NYC. I kept walking with my head searching the left side of me, until I ran into the HART. I felt myself stumble, and then his strong arms catching me.

“Oh, sorry! I wasn’t looking.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it”

OhMyGod that smile.

I saw his FIFA 14 ball lying on the ground, so what better way to impress this overly hot boy than with my soccer skills? I popped up the ball, and juggled it a couple times, using my feet, knees and head, until I passed it right into his hands. He smiled at me once more and stuck out his hand.

“I’m Nate Archibald.”

I shook his hand and liked the strong callused grip that lasted for longer than it should have but not it an awkward way. “Kristen Gregory.”

“Well Kristen Gregory, I’d like to know more about you.”

“I’d like to know more about you too.”


After an amazing date with the handsome and charming Nate Archibald, I went back to the dorm and saw Georgina sitting on our couch. I had totally forgotten that she had run away from me before I collided into Nate.

“Hey you’re back.”

I had two options now, I could either question Georgina and ask her why she ran away and didn’t bother to call me or give me an explanation, or I could just pretend like it didn’t happen and not ruin the perfectly perfect day.

“Yeah, I am back. I just met this really cute boy named Nate and we went on a date and he is so sweet and I really like him.” I said flopping on the couch, lovestruck.

“What about the Dempsey boy you told me about, I thought you still had feelings for him.” It almost sounded like she was trying to convince me to forget about Nate, but maybe I was just over reading it, so again I brushed it under the carpet.

“Well Dempsey and I broke up ’cause we thought long distance would be too hard, but we’re still friends. Of course I still have feelings for him but I’m not gonna dwell on the breakup. I’m going to move on and I’m going to move on to Nate. Decision made.”

“Sounds great.” She encouraged with the fakest smile I had ever seen.


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New Home, New Friends

I was taking the posters down from my room, quickly tearing the ones with the PC in it. The PC had fallen apart ever since graduation when Madame Rumour posted our dirty little secrets. To find out more click here. Looking back on it, it was just Madame Rumour’s plan to pit us all against each other. Massie was coming to NYC soon, and I wanted to have at least one friend, so I called her to make things right.

I hit 1 on speed dial, and after a few anxious beeps she picked up.



“I’m sorry”

“I know”

“Do you forgive me?”

Of course. Did you finally realize that Madame Bitch was just trying to get us to turn on each other?”

Yes, I do and I know that you would never turn us in like that and I’ll never not believe you again”

“That’s all I needed to hear, you’re forgiven”

I could hear her smile through the phone.


I was staring at my half-full room. There were white spots showing all throughout my walls where the tape from my soccer posters were ripped down. I jumped when I heard a voice behind me.

“Miss Gregory? It’s time to move.”


I was standing in front of my new home, the empty NYU dorm. The girl I was living with wasn’t there yet, so it was just me and my mom.

I saw my mom move from every corner of the room like a cat chasing a mouse, she told me everything needed to be perfect.

“Mom, it’s fine I can set everything up myself. Let’s grab some dinner first.”

We took a walk around the NYU campus, finding the CVS’s where I could buy more shampoo and the food carts that would give me the real “NYC Experience” as my mom liked to say. We found a diner just a couple blocks away from my dorm.

After eating, we walked around some more, not to pass time, or to spend quality time. The whole walk was quiet. We were stalling. Stalling for the moment when she would leave and I would stay.

She stood in the doorway, nervously wiping her palms on her pants.

“Well, I better get going now”

She looked up and I saw tears in her eyes.

Oh, mom” I whispered in her ear as I hugged her.

I pulled back first, wiping my eyes. There was someone with dark brown wavy hair standing there, but I couldn’t make out who it was through the blurry waterworks.

I wiped my eyes one last time and saw a gorgeous girl with long brown locks and piercing blue-green eyes.

“Hi, I’m your room mate. I’m Georgina Sparks”



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Liebster Tag!



I’ve been nominated to do the Liebster tag by XOXOLN and XOXOQueenB, thanks for nominating me!



1. Link back to the person(s) who nominated you in your post

2. Answer the 11 questions given to you

3. Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers

4. Ask your nominees 11 questions

5. Put your nominees links in your post so they are notified they have been nominated

6. You cannot nominate the person(s) who has/have nominated you

♥Answers (From XOXOLN)♥

1. If you could describe your fashion style in three words, what would they be?

Changes a lot

2. Do you prefer eyeliner or mascara?

Haaaaard question , but mascara since I wear it everyday

3. What is your signature scent?

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

4. What accessory type could you not live without?

Do hair ties on my wrist count?

5. Do you like gold or silver better?

Gold, it looks better with my skin tone 😉

6. From the 1900 – 2000, which decade would you want to go back to?

1920’s. Its got flappers, jazz music and silent movies, what else do you need?

7. What do you wear on a typical summer day?

Crop top and high waisted skirt or shorts.

8. Bikini or full body swimsuit?


9. What is your favourite pair of shoes?

My light pink oxfords

10. Would you rather have a lifetime supply of shoes but only one bag or a lifetime supply of bags but only one pair of shoes?

A lifetime supply of shoes and one bag.

11. What is your dream dress?

Whatever my wedding dress is c:

♥Answers (From XOXQueenB)♥

1. Guilty (non-perverted) pleasure?

Candy binges

2. Favorite movie to watch with a significant other?

Any rom-com

3. Favorite book/movie?

These questions are hard! I really don’t know!

4. Name a song that reminds you of someone.

The Banana Song by Michael Alvarado and Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

5. How long have you been blogging?

Well KWK has been going since June 16th, 2014. I have blogged previously, but very on and off.

6. What’s your favorite color?


7. Hollister vs. Hot Topic?

Hollister, even though I don’t shop at either stores haha.

8. How far would you go for someone you love?


9. Favorite stress snack?


10. What is your dream occupation/career?

Soccer player

11. Blog rate of 1-10? (Mine)















1. If there was one thing you could get for free for the rest of your life what would it be? (Be specific!)

2. What room do you spend most of your time in at your home?

3. What is your favorite subject at school?

4. If you could be one animal what would it be and why?

5. Have you ever cried because you missed your favorite show?

6. Are you and your best friend really similar or really different?

7. Are you good at cards?

8. What languages do you speak?

9. What is the thing you always have with you?

10. Have you ever pulled an all nighter?

11. Favorite item in your closet?


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Cuties and the Moodies


I feel the sweat run down my face as I walk away from the field. I had spent all day working on my left leg shots. My sweat just showed how much I had improved. I was suddenly aware just how bad I looked, and I started walking quickly back. I looked to my left and right before I took a quick sniff at my armpits. Then I heard it, “Kristen! Wait up, you know I can’t run!” I looked back and saw Alicia frantically trying to catch up to me…along with a cutie. My mind made a list of options

a. Run away

b.Walk faster and pretend like I didn’t see them

c. Stand there soaked in my disgusting sweat, waiting for them to catch up

I wanted to choose anything but C, but of course I stood there, not knowing whether to walk over to her, or just wait there and do nothing. Before I could make another list, they were on the corner with me.

“Hey guys” I said awkwardly, trying to keep distance from them so they wouldn’t smell me.

I took a quick glance at the boy, he had a square jaw, floppy brown hair and the most amazing smile. The best part? He was staring at me. I finally realized, he was only staring at me because I was a hot mess, not even a hot mess, a sweaty and disgusting mess.

He reached out his hand, “Hi, I’m Evan.”

Swoon. He had a slight British accent. I put my hand out to shake, hoping my palm wasn’t as sweaty as my forehead.

“Hi, I’m Kristen. So how do you guys know each other?”

Leesh was quick to jump in, “Oh, he’s the brother of a friend of a friend at the dance studio.”

I gave a polite smile and looked at him once more, only to find that he was still staring at me. Wait-not at me, at my bag?

He reached behind me, and I stood there, having no idea what to do. He pulled something of out my bag, and again I stood there, crouching a little in fear.

“You have a penny board? You know how to ride?”

“Oh-um that. I’ve been trying for a while but I can’t seem to get the hang of it.”

Leesh gave Evan a playful swat on the arm, and I was jealous that she knew him first.

“Don’t you know how to ride Evan?” She asked like it was the biggest coincidence that ever ceased to exist.

“Yeah, I do! Would you like me to teach you?”

“Um sure, why not.”I said with a smile, but still feeling uncomfortable. “I try to practice at OCD’s parking lot. We could go there.”

“Sounds great” he said with a big smile, you know, the gorgeous smile I was telling you about earlier?

“Um, how about I meet you there at 11? I need to go home first.”

He smiled, he didn’t even need to say yes, his grin said it all.


I put my earbuds in, and walked back to the apartment with a bounce in my step. Sing by Ed Sheeran came on and I couldn’t not smile. Maybe Evan would help me finally get over Dempsey. Dempsey and I had decided to split when he moved to back to Africa. It still hurt sometimes knowing that the whole PC has boyfriends and I didn’t.

I took a quick shower and put on this outfit, which you can see here.

I walked out of the building, hiding my helmet that I was forced to wear in the bushes. No way was I getting helmet hair in front of Evan.

We met up at the parking lot, where he taught me some tips and tricks, and by 12:00 I had gotten the hang of it.

Glad that I was finally bearable to look at, I tried to do a trick to impress him, only to fall on my butt. Instead of laughing he quickly helped me up to my feet, and I could see that he was worried.

“Sorry, next time I’ll catch you” He said with guilt.

“Don’t worry, that wasn’t your fault. It was mine” I said laughing it off, even though it really did hurt and I suspected I was going to need ice when I got home.

Whenever I’m in the presence of a boy, I get really stupid, but isn’t that all girls? I quickly looked up from my board to make sure that he was watching me, and once again I tried the trick once more.

Just as he had said, his strong arms slipped underneath my armpits (thank god for deodorant) and he propped me back up on my feet. I smiled at him. Maybe from now on we would communicate through smiles.

“Well, I think that’s enough for today” I said with my girly laugh, not my phlegmy one that Massie always makes fun of.

“Um, you wanna grab some lunch?” He ran his hand through his hair nervously while I nodded, trying not to look to eager.

We walked to a cafe just a few blocks away, where I got a muffin and he got a croissant. We sat there for an hour, talking about our love for cats, weird fetishes, and our friends. By 1:00 I knew him so well that we had already planned our next date.


It was 5:30, and I met up with Claire and Dylan. We were watching the USA vs. Portugal FIFA game at Dyls house. We each had orderd small gourmet pizzas. I got mushroom, as always, Claire got pepperoni and Dylan ordered extra cheese.

If you want to hear how the game went click here.

After the game, we hung out in Dylans room, but she seemed to be mad at us for no apparent reason. She told us we were being annoying, or too loud. She sat sit there all gloomy and mad, which was so unlike her.

“Are you on your period Dyl?” I said with a laugh, and hear Claire giggle behind me.

Instead of laughing, she just sighed like we were immature kids and turned her head. I motioned to Claire, and gave her a look saying I think we should go.

“Um, I’m gonna head out Dyl”

“Yeah, me too” Claire chimed in, grabbing her bag.

“See you later.”

After that, Claire and I went to Starbucks. It was already 10 so we didn’t get anything caffeine. She sipped on her vanilla frappe while I blew on my spicy chai latte. I told her about Evan, and she told me her plans for the summer while we were all away, she was going to spend a whole month hiking around with Cam.

Isaac gave her a ride home, and dropped me off on at the apartment. Even though I should’ve been daydreaming about Evan, I couldn’t get over the fact that Dylan was so rude to us with no reason, and I thought it would be best to inform Massie right away.

Hey Mass,
I know you're still in New Hampshire but Dylan is acting weird.
She was really rude to me and Claire when we went over to
 watch the game. 
What should we do?
P.S. Hope you're having fun in New Hampshire with the Bears
 and the Tigers! 😉



Sorry for such a long blog post! Haha, I had a lot of ideas.

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Tag? Okay

This is a new tag going around, and it’s in celebration of the WordPress Awards 2014!

In this tag, you have to write 11 facts, and answer 11 questions, then at the end ask 11 questions.

I am using the questions from Material Massie Block’s post.


♥11 Facts♥

1. I hate dark chocolate

2. My favorite sport is soccer (le’duh)

3. My favorite bands are Vampire Weekend and Foster the People

4. My favorite movie is Moonrise Kingdom

5.I love everything beauty and fashion

6. I’m very protective of my things and friends/family

7. Instagram, Hungry Shark, Piclab and FML are my favorite apps

8. My favorite store to shop at is Wet Seal

9. I will only eat ice cream if it is chocolate, or has chocolate in it

10. I love doing yoga in the morning

11. My favorite drink is Chai Latte

♥11 Answers♥

1. Who is your favorite Clique-community blogger?

XOXO, The Pretty Committee because I love how she changes perspectives with all of her posts!

2. What would you bring on a desert island? (Limit ten items)





Change of clothes




Multiple packs of ramen

My dog

3. Favorite site?

The Youtube’s

4. Favorite travel destination you have been to?

Quebec, Canada

5. Favorite food?


6. Favorite song?

The ABC’s 😉

7. Favorite musical artist?


8. Favorite season?


9. Favorite show?

Pretty Little Liars

10. Favorite outfit?

Cute shirt or tank top, high waisted shorts or skater skirt, and sandal wedges

11. Be able to go beyond our galaxy and live successfully or solve all of Earth’s problems?

Solve all of Earths problems


I don’t know who has already done it, so I’m going to tag you regardless

Massie Block and Bean

XOXO, The Pretty Committee

Post from Kristen

Blair Waldorf

Xoxo Alicia Hearts You

OX, Massie Nicole Block

Sorry if I didn’t tag all of you. Feel free to do this whether you were or weren’t tagged 🙂

♥11 questions♥

1. What room do you spend most of your time in at your home?

2. Do you have any pets?

3. What is something you have wanted for a really long time?

4. When is your birthday?

5. What is your favorite holiday?

6.What is your obsession?

7. What is your favorite color?

8. Favorite candy?

9. Go-to summer outfit?

10 Biggest pet peeve?

11. Dreams and goals for your blog on WordPress?


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New blog, new Kristen

Hey babes,

Summer is the perfect time to start a new beginning, and what better way to do that then create a new blog?

You don’t know me? Oh, I’m Kristen Gregory. I live in Westchester New York and attend OCD, otherwise known as Octavian Country Day. I join my 4 best friends, and when we’re together we’re often referred to as the PC, the Pretty Committee.

Massie Block (Alpha):

Alicia Rivera (Beta): OPEN

Dylan Marvil (Gamma): OPEN

Kristen Gregory (Gamma): (You’re here)

Claire (Elipson): OPEN

Explore my blog if you want to know more about me 🙂